Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stony Brook Back to School Night

Welcome to the Stony Brook Art Blog!

Students in grades 1 through 5 come to Art Class once a week.  

During our first class, students created a drawing from a pre-drawn line on a square paper.   The drawings displayed in the rotunda form a "quilt" of Stony Brook Stars.

Find your child's drawing by the day of the week for Art Class.
   Monday: 4-Swenson, 5-Nutt, 2-Fasulo, 3-Morrison, 1-Hazlett
   Tuesday: 4-Conlan, 5-Weisman, 2-King, 3-Fleming
   Wednesday: 2-Pisetzner, 3-Lynne, 1-Stay
   Thursday: 4-Lindbloom, 5-Barrien, 2-Cole, 1-Crowley
   Friday: 4-Danieluk, 5-Close, 3-Eng, 1-Brunetti

We also discussed the Hopewell Valley Arts Council Stampede and the SB "Star Spangled Ox" painted by students last spring in grades one through five.   Scroll through my blog for photos and also see for more information.

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Students are working on a variety of projects, according to grade level.
Check back later for sample photos of finished  student work.  Work from past years can be viewed by clicking on "Older Posts" (at the bottom) or by using the Grade Level tabs at the top.

First and second grade classes visited the sunflowers in our Stony Brook Courtyard.
Students looked at images of vanGogh's Sunflower paintings before starting their own sunflower artwork.

The Stony Book Courtyard Sunflowers

Many thanks to Parent Ms.Elise Glazer-McCoy
for her work in Stony Brook's Courtyard.