Saturday, December 22, 2018

"Species on the Edge"

FIfth Grade Students selected one of more than eighty endangered New Jersey species and illustrated their chosen animal in the art media of their choice.
Students also wrote an essay creatively advocating for that animal.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Winter Birch Trees

Pour Paintings- Art Enrichment Students

  • Pour painting is an innovative way to use paints to create an art piece.
  • Instead of using tools like brushes or knives to create a piece of art, fluid paints can be poured directly onto the surface, which is tilted to move the paint around.

Bat Reliefs

Symmetrical Collage



Sun Reliefs

"Monster Mama"

Third-grade artists worked with oil pastel, permanent marker and watercolor
to create their own expressive paintings. Exaggerated colors help show emotion.
Students blew through a short straw onto watercolor puddles
to make the wild hair!

Inspired by Fauvist Artist Henri Matisse and based on the book
“Monster Mama”, written by Liz Rosenberg & illustrated by Stephen Gammell.