Friday, December 27, 2013

Picasso Guitars




Guest Artist, Mr. Craig Patterson

In November, Friday Art Classes were privileged to work with Guest Artist Mr. Craig Patterson.  Mr. Patterson grew up in Hopewell and now lives in Washington State.

              Guest Artist Mr. Craig Patterson  

Drying to the "Greenware" stage.

Loaded into the kiln!

Grade 1 Pinch Pots
Grade 3 Coil Pots
Grade 5 "Marble" Bowls
Grade 5 "Marble" Bowls

Adaptive Art Slab Work

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stony Brook Stars

Fifth Grade Artists worked collaboratively to create a quadriptych*.   

Students continued the Stony Brook All-Stars theme, painting abstract stars in acrylics. 

quadriptych*- An artwork made up of four panels or sections 

Starting with the stars...
Adding the background...
The finished panels, awaiting installation in the cafeteria.